Juicing 101

I told many that I would start blogging on the site once the New Year came. Well, here we are and I am behind, as I wanted to have a series set to post. However I’ll have to write them daily, I think this best as its more raw writing!


First and foremost, your health is the only thing in this world that you should focus on more than anything. Without it you cannot share yourself with others. You cannot bring that bright smiling face to work, the park, or just for coffee with friends.


Yes, life has its challenges when it comes to nutrition; however making the right choice is your responsibility to better your self. So why wouldn’t you do it? This I challenge you to think about when making nutritional lifestyle decisions! Remember though, there are many things needed to keep the balance of a healthy productive lifestyle. Today I shall focus on nutrition.


When looking at nutrition, I think of the following question posed to me years ago! What is your dash? The first time I heard this, I thought, “What the hell is this person talking about?” Than they wrote it down; “1979 – ?”. The dash in the middle represents the life I want to live on a daily basis, the choices I make, the life I was destined to live. I thought to myself how can I make sure I live my life to the fullest, knowing that the nose I have today is not the same nose I will have 6 months from now.


Armed with this knowledge, I chose to implement the nutritional knowledge what I have yet to try on the nutritional front into my life. Knowing is one thing, however doing (implementation) is wisdom. If only we as society would take hold of this and embrace it in our daily lives.


Before I get into Juicing – think about the following. Everyday your cells are dying and replenishing.


I have posed a question to myself (as I’m sure many have). How long does it take for you body to replenish all of its cells, what is the lifespan of cells? This is complex as some cells take only a few days, while some may never regenerate at all. So you need to take care of those that are about to birth life, giving them the building blocks to generate out of the most nutritional materials available – you do this by feeding your body the right nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, et cetera…


I’m sure many want the “How To” on Juicing, so lets get to it!


#1 Purchase a juicer – I’m not sure on what the best juicer to purchase, however I do know my Breville Juicer gets the job done once, and even twice a day!


See the following link for juicers –




This is one of many searches on Juicers. I would say you wouldn’t go wrong with purchasing a Breville! Though, do your research for what works best for your budget.


#2. Fruits/Vegetables – Head to the store and be ready to spend some money. I have found if you get a little creative with your grocery shopping you can save money here and there. Purchasing at bulk stores can be beneficial, however I have found purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables is best done on a weekly basis so you don’t allow any food to spoil. I prefer to hit up your local farmers market; you can typically get local produce at a cheaper price. Regardless of where you choose to shop this is will change your outlook on nutrition (Just give it some time to allow for healthy cells)


#3. Blending different fruits/vegetables – if you are leery of trying your own concoctions, there are plenty of books out there that can help with simple recipes on what to blend together and why. In lieu of recommending a certain author, and to keep from being bias on books I recommend googling them and searching for your self. I will contest; there are some books that are more informative than others.


#4. Wash and prep the vegetables you plan on using. Juice away and drink up! It’s always best to drink the juice right away, allowing it to sit allows for the oxidation process to take place lowering the percentage of vitamins and minerals available. Remember this is pure fuel going into the body, meaning you will feel more energized versus eating a meal as there is little to no digestive process to absorb these essential vitamins and minerals!


#5. Clean up, can be a daunting reason why some will not juice, however again I challenge you to purchase a juicer, give it a month or two and compare how you feel after juicing to that of before and I guarantee the clean up process will not bother you!!!

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