“Cal Poly Road Race” Race Report (J. Francia – CA)

Cal Poly Crit Jason Francia

Driving up to the race i noticed that clouds and the light sprinkles. My prayers of it not raining for our race didn’t work. As I registered for the race, clouds opened up and it dumped all the water it could for the next 2 hours.

I put on my rain jacket and started pedaling so that my legs wouldn’t feel a shock when the pros put the hurt on me. I did a couple of CR intervals and some spinning around and then headed to the start line.

As we all lined up at the start line, rain kept coming down, we all joked about going easy and not attacking so that we’d all make it home. Of course the same guy that said the joke was the first to attack off the line. That was the theme of the race, attack when no one else is attacking and try not to crash.

After about 7 laps, a break away of two riders got away and stayed away. During that time we were dropping guys from our field and other guys crashing trying to catch back on. By 7 laps to go there were 5 of us left together and more attacks happened that separated me from the lead 3 guys then it was just a TT to make sure you wouldn’t get caught by anyone else. Finished 6th in a P/1/2/3 field, 13 guys at the start line. Fun race, very technical, and extremely slick when it rains.

Written by J. Francia

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