“Dawn To Dust Duo” Race Report (L. Kelley)

As I document my January trip I thought everyone would want to read what I love to read! My athletes are my family and I try and give them 100% of me all the time. It’s exhausting at times and a lot of work, but its worth every ounce of sleep! I love you guys! As we kick off this ’14 season and the Olympics start tonight I want to reiterate that this is what we live for – moments on training or race days that feed the soul and keep us lean! Many more race reports to come…

Alrighty, this is nothing overly exciting. (Race – “Dawn to Dust Duo” December 14th, 2013)

Got to the race venue Fri and set up camp. Got in my Fri ride, a little later than I wanted but still got in some spin ups and a little hill climbing to get the legs ready for Sat. Was feeling pretty good, a little nervous but had a nice ride. Talked to my duo partner and somehow got finagled into doing the first loop, which I didn’t really want to do since I am not an overly aggressive rider to begin with…..but went first nonetheless. I had a good dinner, went to bed early and slept like crap.

Sat. morning had the usual coffee, eggs and oatmeal (which I didn’t eat it all since I just don’t like it). It was a chilly morning and still dark when I headed down to the race start. I was really nervous and questioning why I even race if I’m going to feel the way I was feeling. Plus I think some of it was that this was the first race in AZ since I have fully healed from my surgery…..which is stupid and everyone was just really glad to see me back out on the bike. So anyway, the horn went off and up the paved road we went. I SO can not ride on the dang road. I was getting passed left and right and couldn’t grab a wheel to save my life. I’m sure this is where my HR went off the charts. Finally we got to the dirt and I felt much better. I was able to pass a few people for the next 20 min or so, then we hit the single track with cactus on both sides. No passing here and I was stuck behind about 12 guys and there is no telling how many were behind me. It was horrible. So I was stuck in this position till we hit the back side of the loop. I was able to pass a few more riders before we hit the long down hill section. I held on for dear life. Felt my lap was pretty good. After the loop I went to get something quick to eat and shed some clothes. Then back to the exchange zone.

I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel after the hour wait then having to ride hard again. Well it took about half of the climb for my legs to get loose again, then I felt good and could pick up the pace again. I still got caught behind a few people in no pass zones (places where I just couldn’t pass). Thought I had another solid loop. Ate afterwards and put my feet up while I waited.

Third loop, oh I could feel the fatigue setting in. Again, it took half the climb to warm back up. My gluts and hamstrings were feeling it more than any other place. I tried picking up my cadence, yet still remaining in a bigger gear. Could tell I was starting to get tired when I hit the front section of the loop that came into the exchange zone. I felt so slow and that I was struggling to turn the pedals over. Oh, my last lap was going to hurt. After the loop I ate something, had a diet coke and elevated my legs.

The last lap…… legs were definitely tired and sore. Took a bit longer to get the legs moving and they were not moving fast. Had to use a higher cadence and stand on some of the short steep hills. Felt like I couldn’t get my HR up at all and my legs were so heavy. Once I got to the downhill section I didn’t want to hit the brakes at all, just keep roll’n. I got to the front side of the loop and once again this is where I could feel just how tired I really was. Managed to find a little more energy and get into the exchange zone. I was spent and tired and done.

So a few things. I was happy with how consistent my lap times were, except the first one (it was a longer loop and the traffic). I was happy that I never had to drop out of my big chain ring in the front. The results are up and of course the official times are a little different from the
Garmin time, since after each lap I talked with my partner to find out what was going on and hearing what issues he was having (mechanical) So my Garmin times are actual ride times. Guess I should be a little less chatty at the exchange. We came in fourth, which is great. I know two of the girls on the teams ahead of us. Few local pros and one sub 9 hour Leadville Finisher. So no shame there. I didn’t know the other woman. So as far as results go…. not to shabby.

Sunday I went out for a spin and felt a lot better than I thought I was going to. Legs were tired and didn’t have a lot of energy but felt pretty good. Today, Monday, my glutes are still kinda tired and my knee pits are a bit tired as well. I’m still sleepy….. slept horrible Fri, Sat and Sun night. Not sure what is going on but just can’t sleep. Too much thinking and not enough drinking????? ahahahahahah.

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