Mom – This ones for you!

I’ve been working and reflecting on my last 31 days while riding across American and attempting the “Prove It Challenge” and came across this Olympic Commercial from a friend. In addition to reflecting on the last 31 days I took a look at some of things I had written in ’12 after I did the Strava Cycling than and came across this response to a friend of mine.

“Win I play to win, I never play to just win by a small margin – Mom always taught me if your going to do something do it 100% with passion and love…funny how the mind can take the body to some amazing places if allotted!” When looking over what I accomplished I would have never been able to tackle the road ahead if I didn’t pick myself up or have others pick me up when I faltered over the years. Having had 9 surgeries and spending tons of time in physical therapy I knew in my heart that if I continued to pick myself and move forward I would be able to continue to accomplish my dreams.

Looking back at the last 31 days I have accomplished the following:

1. Rode Fixed Across Southern US in 22 days during one of the worst Winter in Decades

2. First person to cross US in 2014 on a FIXED GEAR (48/16)

3. Won Strava Challenge – covering 4,563 miles in 31 days (147 miles per day average)

4. I sure got my fitness back as I’m lean and strong – just need to recover now so I can rip some races in February!

5. Last goal was to try and raise money for the boys – working on that now!

Mom – I want to THANK YOU Publicly for being such a great believer in me and what I want to do with my life! You have supported all my mistakes, my successes, and have been there every step of the way! I know things have been rocky at times, but I do love you even though I never say it!!!

Coach Matt

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