Week Left

First and foremost – apologies for not blogging the last week or so. I have been so focused on riding I haven’t had time and when I do I find myself away from wi fi or the desire to really sit down and tap these keys. I promise I’ll update everyone about this trip when complete – just want to make sure I’m on task for my goals for the next seven days!

To answer a few questions – I sit right now on the Alantic Coast in South Florida. Appears I made good timing as the weather in the US has been one of the toughest winters we have seen in decades. I slept in plenty cold places along the way and rode in some of the coldest weather I have ever ridden in, so I’m going to enjoy the next seven days of Sunshine. (I think I deserve it for the 3400+ miles I have logged to date)

Duane – I have had one flat and I’m on my first set of tires. (I hope they last 7 more days)

Strava Followers – I will answer all your questions when I complete the journey as there has been a ton of questions and I hope to not allow one to go unanswered!

To my athletes/friends/family – I’m looking forward to catching up and see what you guys have accomplished for the start of the new year! I hope your year has been as productive as mine!!!

To my pup “Action Jackson” aka “AJ” – see you in less than 10 days my friend!

Looking forward to updating on everything I have seen, heard, smelled, done and experienced on this trip! However until I can continue to tap these keys – “Go Ride Yo Bike” “Do What Moves You” and “Follow your Folly”

Off to ride…

Coach Matt

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